Training and Presentations

MCFI presentations are designed to train various levels of management sensitizing them to fraud schemes, reporting responsibilities and the need to adhere to established internal controls. Some of the presentations provided by MCFI are listed below:

A guided “Case Study” presentation where participants actively conduct an investigation by:

  • Planning the investigation
  • Determining documents to request, obtain and review
  • Identify interviews to be conducted
  • Prepare final report with appropriate recommendations for resolution

A presentation on key internal controls designed to prevent critical processes from being compromised and detect errors and irregularities before they become material. With the intent being to provide participants a heightened awareness of current fraud schemes, the presentation also illustrates recent frauds perpetrated against companies with guided discussion on how specific internal controls were compromised to allow the fraud to occur.

The presentation teaches the types of deceptive behavior exhibited by fraudster’s This presentation will include a discussion on how to:

  • Identify changes in linguistic patterns
  • Establish behavior baselines
  • Recognize salient deception clues
  • Identify deceptive body language
  • and How to identify and overcome a person’s barrier to tell the truth

The presentation discusses the types of interview strategies to use given the nature of the interview and identifies the steps of the interview process. Special attention is given to the “Admission Seeking Interview”.

MCFI can customize presentations to meet your specific needs. For more information on presentations which are offered or to discuss creating a specialized training program, contact us using the link at the top of the Web Site.

Rates and Fees will vary depending on the type and length of the presentation. To discuss fees related to your particular needs please contact MCFI.